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A Follow-Up On Kyle Perry, AKA Mop Guy

kyle-perryA couple of years ago, I wrote a brief post about a BYU track star who had been arrested after being involved in a mop fight in the middle of a Provo intersection.

As is usual with these stories, they get posted and we all move on, unless more news comes out and the sporting world revisits the story. It turns out there is indeed a follow-up to post about Kyle Perry, AKA “Mop Guy”.

When news of this altercation first came out, Keflex price in canada accounts had Perry taking away a man’s mop and attacking him with it. Subsequently, it was found that the runner was actually just defending himself from the man who was attacking him and he was exonerated.

Following the incident, Perry set out to become known for something else other than mops. In a recent interview with the Deseret News, Perry said, “After that mop thing it all started turning around.”

“I decided I wanted people to remember me for what I accomplished, not for something I didn’t do,” he added.

“My goal was to not be mediocre,” he said. “No more slacking off in practice, no more just getting by. I set really lofty goals, some would call unrealistic.”

In the end, these goals weren’t unrealistic at all. The NCAA track championships were held recently, and Kyle Perry, who was running in just his 7th steeplechase race ever, blew away the field to become your 2009 National Steeplechase Champion.

Congratulations to Kyle, and here’s to him being remembered for positive things as he continues his running career.

Mop guy is now a national champ [Deseret News]
Kyle Perry Steeple 2009 NCAA Track and Field Champs [Flotrack]

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