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Jockey Falls Off Horse, Horse Finishes First: Video

Those of you who believe that jockeys don’t really do anything during a horse race have more ammunition for your argument.

During the 5th race at Belmont Park on Saturday, Phone Jazz threw her rider, Jean-Luc Samyn, at the start. Phone Jazz kept running, and managed to outrun the rest of the field.

While Phone Jazz did cross the finish line first, the result of course did not count, since there’s some silly rule that says each horse must have a tiny man on its back for the entire race.

Horse Dumps Jockey, Finishes First [Fanhouse]

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  • horse_racing

    why did you remove the video!?
    Phone Jazz finished 1st but that's right, there's no rider and it's unfair to other,
    and that's what they think for sure…
    Jean-Luc is still lucky because the cause of the fall didn't damege so much.

  • horse143

    that rule is silly come they dont give that horse a little reward or maybe give him acknowledgement .he has done a great job. in my own opinion maybe that horse wont win if his rider is there in the first place LOL. i think jockeys are not really needed for them to run at the exact speed cause running is there natural ability.