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Yankees Fan Fights Marlins Fans: Video

To those who say there is no crying in baseball, I present to you this video of a fight between Yankees fans and Marlins fans in Miami this weekend.

One Yankees fan took on an entire family, recovering from a couple of knockdowns by a Marlins fan to then connect with a solid right-hander to the man’s head. As the fans brawled, screaming could be heard in the background.

Then came the biggest punch of them all. The screaming was from the daughter of the Yankees fan, who was spending her Father’s Day weekend watching her dad punch and get punched. Her crying was punctuated by shrieks each time the action got closer.

It breaks your heart to see this poor little girl having to see her dad engage in impromptu boxing, whether it was his fault or not. Meanwhile, the family of Marlins fans has had a bonding experience that they will savor for years to come.

The real villain here is interleague play. When the Yankees are not in town, the Florida Marlins are typically accustomed to seating each fan in their own section and therefore do not have any security guards for when fights break out.

Yankees-Marlins Fan Brawl Reveals Truth Of The Human Condition, With Punching [Deadspin]

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