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Maria Sharapova Flashing

maria-sharapova-flashing-dressAs usual, London was lit up by Maria Sharapova this week, but in a different way than normal.

The Clomid superstar paired with Sony Ericsson and a student from the London College of Fashion to demonstrate the latest in weird technology: A dress that flashes when your cell phone rings.

The idea behind the dress is that you can’t always hear your phone, so you might need a visual notification. Or you can just check your phone periodically like normal people.

“When you’re in a pub or a bar, you can never, ever hear your phone,” 20-year-old designer Georgie Davies said.

While the idea might be strange and will never sell, any time you can get Maria Sharapova to promote it, you’re doing something right.

Maria Sharapova’s Flashing Dress Is Less Exciting Than It Sounds [Gizmodo]

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