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Daily Rubbish: June 17, 2009

Video of the Day: Fire What is sildenafil Rally

Today’s Links:

The Dugout: Did You Realize Sammy Sosa Was On Cost of zithromax? [Fanhouse]

Top 10 overexposed stadium audio moments [on 205th]

I See Ibañez’s Shirt, And Raise You Longoria’s [Bugs & Cranks]

Terrible tarp monster consumes member of Reds grounds crew [Big League Stew]

The Encyclopedia Of Mets Sex Terms – The ‘86 Edition [Oh Murph]

Ten Commandments for Today’s Athlete [Bear Goggles]

Wang’s Wife Delivers, Can He? [My Sports Rumors]

Steroid Era: Best Of The Rest [Josh Q. Public]

Eat It TMZ: Kobe Rocks His Own T-Shirt [Waiting For Next Year]

I’m Not Sure Why I Find This Guy So Funny [Major League Jerk]

Even Chicago Says No Hall For Sosa [Zoner Sports]

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