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New Dallas Cowboys Stadium Tour By Martellus Bennett: Video

This is what $1.5 billion will get you these days.

Dallas Cowboys player Martellus Bennett and other teammates got a chance to check out the Cowboys’ new stadium recently, seeing everything from the concession stands to the “ostrich leather” seats and platinum railing. It even has hot water AND cold water! Jerry Jones also took time time out of his busy plastic surgery schedule to meet with Bennett and give an introduction to the Cowboys’ new home.

Looking at those concession prices, the Cowboys are going to be raking in the dough. $14 for a sandwich? $9 for a beer? $5 for an element that you can get for free? That’s outrageous. You know things are expensive when a multi-millionaire pro athlete acts like it would put a serious dent in his wallet.

One thing is clear from this video: Seeing how complete the new stadium is reminds us of just how close the NFL season is. Training camp is now just a few weeks away, and the Cowboys now have a stadium that every other NFL team will be jealous of.

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