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Romanian Soccer Fans Run On The Field, Riot: Video

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you’ve seen a lot of videos of people running around on the field interrupting play. You’ve also seen some good riot videos. To kick this week off, here’s a clip that has both.

The Romanian Cup final was recently played, with CFR Cluj beating Timisoara 3-0. In the closing minutes, a fan ran down on the field, appearing to possibly deflect a kick into the back of the net. The guy naturally celebrated his goal, as the stadium descended or was already descending into chaos.

Police tried to make arrests. Fans started fires in the stands. Other people ripped seats out and hurled them toward the field. Still others elected to swing long metal sticks at security. That will be the last time that Romania allows Long Metal Stick Souvenir Day to take place.

Meanwhile, team officials looked on as if they were bored by everything. Some people are just hard to impress.

The police then massed on the field, appearing to be protecting from anyone else running on the pitch. Suddenly they rushed the stands, clearing out everyone who had been causing the mayhem. Now that’s how you end a riot.

Romania is the new Brazil [Dirty Tackle]

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