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High School Umpire Ejects Entire Crowd

leslie-nielsen-umpireWe’ve all encountered someone who let a little bit of power get to their heads.

Give someone the ability to eject someone else, and there’s always the possibility they’ll go overboard like Iowa high school baseball umpire Don Briggs.

Briggs was umpiring a game between Winfield-Mount Union and West Burlington when he managed to eject the entire crowd – over 100 people in all.

The incident occurred when Winfield-Mount Union coach Scott McCarty came out to argue a call.

According to Briggs, the crowd became unruly, but both managers dispute this point. Briggs then ejected the whole crowd, even calling for police backup to get everyone out.

The game was stopped for 40 minutes as people slowly left. Many of them moved a whole 30 feet away off of school property. You sure did show them, Don.

“I know it sounds like I’m the bad guy — but it was the crowd,” Briggs said. “If I got the control to ask one person to leave, I feel like I can ask them all to leave.”

Eventually, school superintendent James Sleister showed up and convinced Briggs that he was being ridiculous. Play resumed, but only under one condition: Nobody present could say anything negative, or else they would be ejected. Freedom of speech does not extend to Iowa baseball games.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, the resumed game had plenty of action. Winfield-Mount Union choked away an 11-3 5th inning lead, only to lose 12-11 as West Burlington stole home in the 7th and final inning.

High school umpire tells entire crowd: You’re out! [Des Moines Register]

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