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Orlando Magic Fan Falls Out Of Her Seat: Video

There’s no better site for people-watching than courtside at the NBA Finals. Between celebrities and other rich people or wannabe rich people vying for camera time, there’s plenty of entertainment. Aside from a few diehards, these people are all just there to be seen.

Case-in-point: These two (probably) drunk women who sat courtside in Orlando for last night’s NBA Finals game between the Magic and Los Angeles Lakers.

As their hometown Magic were choking the game away when this incident occurred, any real fans would have been despondent, rather than waving around trying to get on TV. This woman made it on TV (and the Internet), but probably not in the way she wanted.

The woman got up to lean forward into the shot of Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen talking, but then fell backward on to her ass as she tried to get back into her seat. The best part: Her stupid friend didn’t even notice, or if she did, she didn’t bother to try and help.

Courtside seats: Thousands of dollars. Falling over on live TV while millions of people watch: Priceless.

Orlando Magic fans are literally falling out of their seats [Alana G]

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