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Milton Bradley Forgets How Many Outs There Are, Tosses Ball Into The Stands: Video

Among the many mistakes a Augmentin side effects player can make, forgetting how many outs there are is probably the worst. Sure, it can be confusing to count to three, but there’s no excuse for not paying attention.

In a career that has been filled with mistakes, Milton Bradley found a way to look even dumber after making this error. He earned his way even deeper into the doghouse of Chicago Cubs fans today after confusing the 2nd out for the 3rd out against the Minnesota Twins.

After catching a fly ball with runners on, Bradley nonchalantly looked around, then tossed the ball into the right field bleachers at Wrigley Field as stunned teammates and fans looked on. Then the boos rained down. Milton won’t be living this one down for a long time.

Perhaps the Cubs should petition to change “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” to say “And it’s one…two…three outs, we’re done!” so Milton Bradley will remember next time.

The Cubs of course went on to lose the game following Bradley’s erroneous throw and have now fallen back to .500.

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