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Luis Castillo Drops Fly Ball, Allowing the Yankees To Beat The Mets: Video

Move over, Milton Bradley, you might not have made the biggest blunder of the day. Luis Castillo made an error in tonight’s Mets vs. Yankees game that will get even more replays over the weekend, especially in New York.

With 2 outs in the 9th inning, the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez faced off against Francisco Rodriguez and hit a pop-up to Luis Castillo. A-Rod slammed his bat to the ground since he knew the game was over. Except it wasn’t.

The ball bounced off Castillo’s glove and fell to the ground. Where can i purchase acyclovir and Mark Teixeira scored the tying and winning runs, and that was that. The Yankees took the first game of the Subway Series with a wild 9-8 win.

Luis Castillo is going to need some help after this one, and for that matter, so will Mets fans. The team that was supposed to do great things this year keeps finding new ways to lose.

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