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Steve Nash At The NBA Finals For The Late Show With David Letterman: Video

Steve Nash appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman last night, doing duty as a reporter at the NBA Finals in Orlando.

The host got things off to a great start by asking Nash if he had ever been to the NBA Finals before, and Nash hung his head as Suns fans everywhere cursed the San Antonio Spurs.

Speaking of the Spurs, Nash briefly spoke to Robert Horry and said he has always been nice to him. The video then cut to Nash being thrown into the scorer’s table. Oddly, someone decided the incident had not been bad enough and spliced in footage of Nash’s bloody nose.

Nash also asked Jeff Van Gundy if his brother Stan ever got laid in high school. Judging by the way Jeff laughed, that answer is “no.”

Someone needs to get Steve Nash his own TV show, stat.

Video: Steve Nash’s appearance on Letterman [Ball Don’t Lie]

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