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WGN Reporter Dunks On Child, Makes Him Cry: Video

WGN sports reporter Pat Tomasulo feels like “the lowest person on the planet,” and he should. He dunked on a little child, then taunted him.

His taunting was in jest, but a kid is never going to understand that. After Tomasulo threw the ball down and yelled at the child, the little boy then ran away to hide.

Even when Tomasulo realized that he was being a douchebag, he then had to go ruin his regret by saying he felt powerful. Ooh, dunking on a 6 foot hoop, you’re a real man.

WGN Reporter Dunks On Kid, Feels ‘So Powerful’ [Mouthpiece Sports]

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  • Someone who "gets it"

    Seriously? This is your article? You're the doucebag if you can't see it was all in fun. Kids get embarrassed and hide all the time. There were cameras there, and a bunch of people. The reporter felt bad, but it was no big deal. The kid was fine. It was funny, and the kid was playing again a few minutes later. I know you're probably upset because he is a funny, talented reporter and you are writing ridiculous “articles” on the internet. LAME!
    You should write an apology. Apologize for taking something fun and trying to make it bad, and apologize for being an ass.

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