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Chad Johnson AKA OchoCinco Gets Facial Tattoos

Chad Johnson, AKA Chad OchoCinco, AKA Homer J. Fong, has managed to get himself in the spotlight again.

Today, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver got 3 tattoos on his face, just in time for a Buying zithromax without prescription Day. On his left cheek, he now has the state of Florida. His right cheek is now adorned with two crosses.



Sure, Chad’s facial tattoos are nothing compared to Mike Tyson’s, but getting any tattoo on your face is pretty crazy.

Chad of course announced his new art on Twitter, where he then quickly posted pictures of his tats.

His most recent tweet since getting the tattoos?


If Chad keeps worrying more about his name and tattoos more than his performance on the field, he’s not going to have to worry about being in a high tax bracket for much longer.

Chad Ochocinco Gets Three Tattoos On His Face [Fansided]

Update: Chad Johnson just revealed that the tattoos were fake and we all got punked. Of course, he could just be punking us by saying they were fake, in which case he got us again. Or didn’t get us.

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