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Two Angels Minor Leaguers Accused Of Beating A Man

matthew-oye-michael-roccoTwo Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim minor leaguers were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assault.

According to witnesses, the two players, Michael Rocco and Matthew Oye, were hitting and kicking a man behind a bar in Tempe, Arizona. Police said that Oye was hitting the victim with a metal pipe he had found on the ground. When the police showed up, both players fled. They were caught after a short chase.

Seeing as these two professional athletes couldn’t outrun the police, it’s safe to say that speed is not one of the tools these guys posess.

Nor will Oye do so well on any intelligence tests. He fled right in the direction of the Tempe Police Department and was arrested right in front of the building.

If you’re going to flee from the police, you might want to actually flee from the police and not run straight at them.

2 minor leaguers with Angels accused in Tempe assault [AZ Central]

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