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Man Runs On The Court During French Open Final: Video

Today’s French Open final between Roger Federer and some other guy who is not Roger Federer or Rafel Nadal (okay, Robin Soderling) was interrupted by a man who ran on to the court and then approached Federer.

The guy appeared to try to put a hat on Federer, then as security finally approached him, he bolted, ran around the court, and vaulted over the net before an official eventually tackled him. The man was then carried away while being drawn and quartered.

The man, who goes by the moniker “Jimmy Jump,” has apparently made some sort of “career” of intruding upon sporting events where he is not a competitor.

The incursion was part of France’s commemoration of the anniversary of D-Day, as their security allowed the guy to get on the court about as easily as the German Army had during World War II. You’d think that after Monica Seles got stabbed that time that tennis tournaments would have a bit stronger security.

Man Jumps Out of Stands at French Open, Tries to Put Hat on Roger Federer [Fanhouse]

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