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Man Runs On Pitch During Kazakhstan vs. England World Cup Qualifier, Gets Hauled Off By Army: Video

In most places, if you run across the field, your reward might be a quick but gentle escorting from the field by security, plus a light charge and a small fine. In Kazakhstan, they do things a bit differently.

Kazakhstan faced England in a World Cup qualifier this weekend, and as the score became worse and worse for the home side, the fans grew restless. One fan decided to go for a run down on the pitch.

This decision may have cost him his life, as we don’t know what happens to him. The quick video shows men in army fatigues descending upon the guy, then dragging him away.

When you’ve got the military providing security at a soccer match, there are bound to be a few casualties here and there. If this guy managed to survive this experience, he’ll certainly think twice before running on to the field again.

Kazakhstan isn’t laughing [Dirty Tackle]

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