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Man Attacks Special Olympics Torch Relay

special-olympics-torchSorry to all of you assholes who plan on doing assholish things this year, the Biggest Asshole Of The Year 2009 contest has been wrapped up.

This year’s winner is 41-year-old David Schwartz. Schwartz got a bit angry while in traffic in Valencia, California. That part might be a bit understandable. What is not understandable is his response.

The reason for the road being blocked? The Special Olympics was holding its Sildenafil 20 mg.

Most normal people would see that this was the reason for the road being blocked and applaud the athletes from their cars. Some might even get out to watch while cheering the kids on. David Schwartz did get out of his car, but what he did next shocked onlookers.

Schwartz “yelled for the participants to get out of the road while using a derogatory term referencing sexual orientation.” As if that was not bad enough, he then chucked a metal bolt at the runners, barely missing two children.

Guess who helps put on Special Olympics torch runs all across the country? If you guessed “law enforcement officials,” you win a prize, and David Schwartz wins a trip to jail, courtesy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.

Schwartz was arrested for suspicion of Zanaflex high with a deadly weapon and committing a hate crime & is being held on $50,000 bail.

Somehow those two charges still don’t seem like enough for a man who chucked a large piece of metal at a bunch of differently-abled kids.

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