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Brawl During Russian Women’s Handball Championship: Video

A harsh hit in the Russian Women’s Handball Championship between Dynamo Volgograd and Zvezda (who has been pitching very well for the Arizona Diamondbacks) led to an ejection, which in turn led to a massive brawl.

Okay, brawl might be a bit strong of a word, but there was definitely a lot of fighting, and the hit that led to all of it would have made an NFL linebacker proud. That poor woman who was dragged across the court by her ponytail is going to have to rethink her hairstyle choice before she gets into a fight again though.

Sadly, the video cuts off before we get to see just what the shirtless man running toward the women was intending to do, leaving his purpose to our imaginations.

Brawl Tarnishes Good Name Of Russian Women’s Handball [Deadspin]

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