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Truck Tips Over During Soccer Team Celebration In Brazil: Video

Promotion and championship celebrations are supposed to be a happy time for a team and its fans. Unfortunately for Brazilian team Sertaozinho, some poor planning led to tragedy during their parade.

Players and team staff members piled on to the back of a truck for the parade. The truck was already quite tall, and the addition of dozens of people made it even more top-heavy. So when the truck hit a dip in the road and began to lean, it kept right on leaning until it had crashed on to its side.

29 people were injured when the truck fell over, including some team members who suffered broken limbs. One player had surgery to remove his spleen. As bad as the accident looks, it could have been much worse. Players were thrown from the truck rather than landing under it, and nobody was killed.

But next time Sertaozinho wins something and rents a truck to celebrate, they should go with the flatbed option.

Bus Over! 29 footballers are injured in Brazil [101 Great Goals]

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