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Was This Softball Coach Fired Because She’s A Lesbian Or Because She Made Her Team Walk Through Sheep Feces?

sheepFormer Brewster, Maine softball coach Kelly Jo Cookson filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming she was fired because she is a lesbian. The school district claims she was canned because she had forced her players to walk barefoot through sheep feces as part of a hazing ritual.

While it should be pretty obvious that making kids walk through animal shit is a fireable offense, it seems that Brewster school district superintendent Daniel Lee had not fired her immediately after learning of the hazing but did so after he had learned she is a lesbian, opening the door for this lawsuit. If he did indeed only care about firing her after learning of her sexual orientation, this claim of wrongdoing certainly has merit.

The court allowed the lawsuit to proceed, saying, “Considered in conjunction with evidence of Lee’s initial impulse not to request Cookson’s resignation his alleged failure to fully investigate Cookson’s reports of hazing on other teams, and his reliance on hazing incidents for which Cookson had already been punished, a fact-finder could reasonably conclude that Lee’s decision was not based on Cookson’s conduct but instead was motivated by her sexual orientation.”

Cookson’s lawyer, A.J. Greif, was so excited about the lawsuit proceeding that he immediately began to spout sports metaphors, proclaiming: “While the Brewer School Committee has been high-fiving around home plate, Kelly has scored the tying run on a sacrifice squeeze and we’re going to extra innings. The game is never over until the last woman is out.”

Now if only people could also be sued for making excessive sports references, the world would be a much better place.

Court says jury should decide lesbian coach’s claim [Bangor Daily News]

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