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Brawl Between Rio Branco And Sao Mateus In Espirito Santo State Championship In Brazil: Video

Another day, another great brawl from Brazil. As usual, the Brazilians have not disappointed, showing us new ways to antagonize the opponent and get a good fight started.

This brawl is from the Espirito Santo state championship between Rio Branco and Sao Mateus.

The fighting started with Rio Branco up 1-0 in the 19th minute. A Rio Branco player was hurt, so their doctor came out on to the pitch. Sao Mateus’ Luciano Baiano did not like this and shoved him. Yes, he shoved the doctor.

This prompted an immediate red card, which then started off the brawl. Riot police had to come protect the referees. The head referee for some reason gave a red card to the crowd, which could not have had any impact other than to make him feel better about himself.

Eventually the skirmish stopped and play resumed.

Of course, this wasn’t enough violence for anyone. Later in the 2nd half, everyone had at it again.

The video below shows the entire thing, and while it is over 7 minutes long, it’s worth watching the entire thing. The fight takes a while to develop, but around the 3:40 mark, people start kicking each other. Even in a fight, Cialis soft vs cialis players have to use their feet.

Following this 2nd brawl, each side was down to 8 players. After Sao Mateus scored a 2nd goal to tie the match at 2-2, two Rio Branco players miraculously came down with Buying clomid online cheap us. Having used all of their subs and unable to play with only 6 players, the match was abandoned.

Both sides then claimed the state title as fans rioted in the stands. Another happy ending in the world of Brazilian Cephalexin uses.

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