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Alabama Golfers Get Back-To-Back Holes-In-One Out Of Order

golf-hatTwo golfers, Pierre Fournier and Ken Osborne, teed off at the 112-yard par 3 12th hole at Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Both golfers got a hole-in-one.

While back-to-back holes-in-one make for a remarkable feat on their own, the details of how it happened are even odder. Fournier teed off first, but earned his hole-in-one second.

His tee shot went 8 feet past the hole and was still rolling back as Osborne teed off. Osbourne’s shot also was just off, but it came back at a faster rate. Witnesses claim that neither ball hit the other, which would have nullified Fournier’s ace.

“Had mine gone in first and then Ken’s, I’d have said, ‘Oh my gosh, are we going to get drunk,’ ” Fournier said.

“I knew that if his ball hit mine, my hole-in-one wouldn’t count,” he said. “I knew that, and I play by the rules.”

And those rules are: Get really drunk if a couple of guys you are golfing with get a hole-in-one.

Alabama golfers get back-to-back aces the hard way [AP]

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