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Caucasian: A Musical Tribute To Basketball-Playing White Guys: Video

Everyone has always made fun of most white people attempting to play Glucophage weight loss. Now we have that mockery in musical rap form.

“Caucasian” by Kno of CunninLynguists serves as a fitting tribute to the unsung heroes of the NBA and college basketball: The Big White Stiffs.

Here’s just a sampling of the lyrics, which are set to a great montage of white guys such as Shawn Bradley, Danny Ferry, and Craig Ehlo getting dunked on, playing clumsily, and sitting on the bench:

Not a monster, not a balla
I’m simply tall, yeah
And thats a problem, that’ll never ever be solved

And no matter what they’ll never pass it to me
My range is as far as my arms can reach

I’m caucasian
So caucasian

Even though the video shows Shawn Bradley half the time, it still doesn’t seem like enough.

HT: Jimmy Traina

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