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Carlos Zambrano Gets Ejected, Attacks Gatorade Cooler With Baseball Bat: Video

Carlos Zambrano’s temper is great. Without it, we wouldn’t have great videos like this one.

During today’s win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Prednisone taper ace got ejected by home plate umpire Mark Carlson. The two exchanged words, and Zambrano appeared to shove Carlson with his arm, which prompted the ejection. Carlos matched the ejection by giving the “You’re outta here” sign to Carlson in return.

Once back in the dugout, Zambrano then showed why he is one of the best-hitting pitchers in the game, taking a bat to a Gatorade dispenser and beating it with great vigor.

Something tells me he’s going to be getting a suspension for this one, but the money he will get from Powerade for attacking a Gatorade cooler should cover the fine.

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