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Fox Shows The Wrong John Mayberry, Sr.: Video

On Saturday, John Mayberry, Jr. hit his first Major League home run to lead the Philadelphia Phillies over the New York Yankees.

Present in the stands was his dad, former baseball star John Mayberry, Sr. Fox had a bit of trouble finding him though, repeatedly showing some other guy instead. You’d think that someone in the Fox truck would have wondered why John Mayberry, who was born in Detroit, would be clad entirely in Panamanian garb from the World Baseball Classic.

After they showed the fake a few times, someone finally realized it wasn’t him, and the real John Mayberry was later found and interviewed.

As Joe Buck said with a cackling Tim McCarver in the background, “We had a 1 in 50,000 chance in getting the right person and we missed.”

You’d think they’d figure out ahead of time who the father of the guy making his MLB debut was, but then again, that’s the journalistic quality you’d expect from Fox.

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