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Crash-A-Rama! School Buses Crash At Speedway In Columbus, Ohio, Spectators Injured: Video

Who knew that there was such a thing as school bus racing, and who knew it could be so dangerous? Crashing Lipitor generic into each other sounds fun until someone gets hurt.

Spectators at the Crash-A-Rama tour stop at Columbus Motor Speedway were lucky this weekend after two buses plowed into the concrete wall and metal catch fence, obliterating it.

Eleven fans were sent to the hospital with Buying clomid online cheap us from flying concrete and metal, but none were seriously hurt.

Had the buses been traveling faster, or had the wall not held as much as it did, they would have crashed right into a crowd of people.

But for those who are concerned, don’t worry: Racing will continue Saturday night!

Video: Columbus Crash-A-Rama Ends With Two Buses Going Through Wall, Into Crowd [Busted Coverage]

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