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Mets Fan Gets Hand Stuck In Citi Field Toilet Trying To Retrieve Gold Tooth

woman-gold-teethA New York Mets fan had some flushing problems in Flushing last week.

During the Mets’ 8-7, 12-inning loss to the Atlanta Braves, the unidentified woman somehow lost a gold tooth while sitting on the can. Said gold tooth then fell into the toilet. When the woman tried to retrieve it, the toilet began repeatedly flushing with her hand stuck inside.

From here NBC New York reports, “She sat there screaming as the toilet continued to flush over her arm until security arrived; they in turn called Cardoza Plumbing, the folks who installed all 646 toilets in the Mets new home.”

The woman was eventually freed, but she lost her gold tooth. Gold rush in the New York City sewer system!

Judging by my personal experience at Citi Field, it’s surprising that the toilet had even flushed at all. First we want the toilets to flush, now we don’t want them to flush. Cardoza Plumbing just wants us to make up our damn minds.

Nightmare Flushing for Mets Fan [NBC New York]

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