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Kansas City Royals Fans Get Into Brawl At Kids Play Area At Kaufmann Stadium

We hear about fans getting into stadium brawls all the time, but this one from Kansas City is a bit different.

Usually these sorts of things happen in the outfield bleachers when fans who have had a bit too much to drink start arguing. Royals fans brawl in children’s playground areas instead.

The fight started when someone walked in front of parents who were trying to take a photo of their child. What started as an argument then descended into profanity & racial-slur-filled chaos, with spitting thrown in for good measure.

From KMBC:

Witnesses said the foursome began shouting and cursing at each other and then began exchanging blows. One woman was knocked to the ground, where the other woman began kicking her, according to the police report.

“We peek around the corner expecting to see kids fighting, but it’s four adults right on the playground,” said Laura Phipps, who witnessed the fight.

Phipps said the fight was going on while her daughter was coming down the slide.

“The fight was at the bottom of the slide. She set her feet down to see a gentleman take a head and bang it against the concrete,” Phipps told KMBC’s Dan Weinbaum.

Phipps said her daughter was knocked down during the melee.

“It was beyond a brawl. It started out as four people, and then as kids were getting toppled, those parents came in, the women were fighting,” Phipps said. “The saddest scene was a girl wrapped around mom’s waist and saying, ‘Please don’t,’ and she’s throwing punches.”

That woman will not be winning any Mother Of The Year awards any time soon. Two people were taken into custody: James T. Mela & Ronika L. Brooks.

The best reaction to all of this was from the Kansas City Royals organization who said “it was an unfortunate incident and they wish it hadn’t happened.”

It’s nice to see that the Royals wish that people didn’t get into fights in the kids area at their games. Too many other baseball teams actively encourage this.

Police Investigate Brawl At The ‘K’ [KMBC]
Parents Brawl At Royals’ Youth Park [KCTV]

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