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Drunk Brewers Fan Performs Striptease While Getting Arrested: Video

A drunk Brewers fan got arrested and hauled off by the Keflex price in canada, but not before he performed a strip show for fans in the outfield at Miller Park. He first took off his shirt, then dropped his pants to reveal his boxers. The best part: This happened on Mother’s Day.

That is a proud, proud moment for you and your mother, good sir.

The phone call to ask for bail money probably went something like this:

Drunk Shirtless Guy: “Hey, Ma!”

Mom: “Oh, my precious son, you called me on Mother’s Day!”

DSG: “What? I need your help. I got thrown in jail after taking my pants off at a Augmentin side effects game.”

Mom: *quietly weeps into her beer*

Video: Brewers Fan Strips Down To Boxers Before Being Cuffed [Busted Coverage]

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