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Mike Tyson On Jimmy Kimmel Live: Video

This one slipped past us last week, but it’s still worth a look. A very-striped Mike Tyson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night to talk about the new documentary about his life.

Kimmel didn’t hesitate to ask Tyson hard-hitting questions, going right to asking him about biting Evander Holyfield’s ear. Tyson admitted that he was just an “undisciplined soldier” during that fight. A soldier in the Bolivian Army, for sure.

Mike Tyson On Synthroid price Live Talking About Biting Ears & Face Tattoos [Black Sports Online]

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  • toni2222

    Tyson admitted that he was just an “undisciplined soldier”… just an undisciplined soldier…try saying that to Evander…I mean the guy bit of his ear…I'll never forget that fight…I mean before Tyson went crazy..and that happened some time ago…I was cheering for him in his fights..but when he went criminal…and after that cannibal…I said this is not a boxer..a boxer is an athlete..Evander is a boxer…and this guy…this guy is street thug…