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Roy Halladay Is So Good, He Unblows Saves

Roy Halladay is good.

How good is he? In addition to sporting an 8-2 record with a 2.78 ERA so far this season, Halladay also has a negative number of blown saves during his career, according to Yahoo! Sports.


That’s right, Roy Halladay unblows saves. While other pitchers are merely happy to not choke away a lead, Roy manages to undo the choking of others. Or he takes saves away from the other team. Or maybe he just has a time machine. Whatever the case, he’s successful at what he does.

Unblowing a save takes skill, and that’s why Roy Halladay is one of the leading contenders for the AL Cy Young so far this season. You don’t see Zack Greinke with negative blown saves, now do you?

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