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George Brett Goes On Profanity-Laced Tirade At Charity Golf Tournament: Video

George Brett will give you his honest opinion on the Buying zithromax without prescription and managers. You don’t like that? Fuck you, and fuck them too.

A Kansas City television station interviewed George Brett during the Joe McGuff ALS Discount synthroid Classic golf tournament, and what resulted was an f-bomb laden tirade on the local media. Charity golf tournaments make me angry too, Brett, don’t feel bad.

Brett was unhappy with how Kansas City Royals manager Trey Hillman has been treated. He believes that if you haven’t managed or general managed, you have no right to be critical of the team & how it is being run.

While Brett will be looked down upon by some for this outburst, sadly his true crime of wearing those ugly pants will go unpunished. Of course, I have never worn such pants, so according to George Brett I have no right to be critical of them.

George Brett Does Not Care for Your Opinion on the Royals [Royals Review]

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