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Briny Baird Drives Golf Balls Into Petco Park, Wins P.F. Changs For Everyone: Video

Briny Baird launches golf balls

Briny Baird is a hero to free Chinese food loving Americans today.

As part of a promotional stunt with P.F. Changs, Briny drove golf balls off the roof of the Omni San Diego Hotel into Petco Park. A target was set up in right field, and he somehow managed to hit it with 8 of 10 shots, which is no easy feat from 375 feet up and over 230 yards away.

P.F. Changs will now offer free lettuce wraps (with entree purchase, of course) to everyone in America thanks to Briny Baird’s golf skills. They also made a $25,000 donation to the San Diego Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society.

Despite the best efforts of the Padres to tell Brian Giles to stand in right field during the stunt, he survived unscathed and will continue on with his .173 batting average and .515 OPS.

Complete video of Baird can be seen below, but fast forward to around the 5:30 mark unless you particularly enjoy looking at the P.F. Changs logo.

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