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Now The Washington Nationals Can’t Get Player Names Spelled Correctly On Bats

jordan-zimmerman-bat-autographIt’s been a whole day since we last made fun of the Washington Nationals. That’s a situation that needs to be rectified.

Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann was excited to receive his first bats. Until he noticed that they left off the 2nd “N” in his last name, which he then had to add himself. This one can be blamed on the bat manufacturer, but seeing as it happened to the Nationals, it’s just funny. Nothing is going right for them this year.

At this point, any further posts about the mistake-prone Washington Nationals would just be unnecessary. So until the beer vendors start accidentally serving O’Douls or parking security start stealing cars, we bid you adieu.

Nats Bats Also Feature Spelling Mistakes [D.C. Sports Bog]
That’s Two ‘N’s Please [MissChatter]

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