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SNL Weekend Update: Will Ferrell As Harry Caray: Video

Will Ferrell hosted last night’s season finale of Saturday Night Live, and for once, the show made us realize why we still watch. Ferrell & Co. brought back famous old SNL sketches & people, including George W. Bush, Celebrity Jeopardy, and, of course, Will Ferrell’s fantastic take on legendary Chicago Cubs Broadcaster Harry Caray.

Ferrell appeared on Weekend Update as the Ghost of Harry Caray to discuss Manny Ramirez and steroids in Augmentin side effects, or more accurately, whether or not Manny looks like the monster from Predator. Harry being Harry, he also mentions that he was duped by an Asian Pete Rose, who he will then waterboard.

It was good to see some old SNL standards back on the show. Of course, they just had to screw up and call him “Harry Carey.” Really, SNL?

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