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Comedian Frank Mirahmadi Calls Entire Horse Race Using Impressions: Video

Comedian & impressionist Frank Mirahmadi doubles as the announcer at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona. During the recent Hasta La Vista Handicap, Mirahmadi called the entire race using impressions, almost 2 dozen different people in all.

Some of the impressions are definitely spot on, others less so, and others might be spot on if you’re 70 years old and have any idea who the people are.

Here’s the complete list of impressions Mirahmadi did during the call of the race:

Marv Albert
Tony Calo
Mark Johnson
Richard Grunder
Michael Wrona
Larry Collmus
Keith Jones
Dick Stockton
Jack Buck
Hank Stram
Phil Georgeff
Dave Johnson
Robert DeNiro
Marlon Brando
Andy Rooney
D. Wayne Lukas
Mike Battaglia
Vic Stauffer
Rodney Dangerfield
Trevor Denman
Ed Burgart

With Frank Caliendo losing much of his material due to John Madden & George W. Bush disappearing from the spotlight, as well as losing his job with Frank TV, let’s hope he doesn’t see this and get any bright ideas.

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