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Jockey Suspended After Giving Female Colleague Condom Filled With Urine

condomIf, during any scheme, someone tells you to tuck a urine-filled condom under your arm, you might want to rethink whether or not this is a plan you want to participate in before you continue.

Australian jockey Dale Evans has been suspended for 18 months after conspiring with female jockey Donna Carrigg to help her pass a drug test. The plan centered around him giving her his urine to pass off as her own.

The ruse did not work, and stewards at Callaghan Park in Rockhampton, Australia found Carrigg carrying “in the arm of her riding jacket a tied condom filled with urine and containing a sharpened lollypop stick.” That is the worst flavor of lollipop ever.

The idea was that “the sharpened stick, when pressed, would perforate the condom so the urine would freely run into the testing container kit.”

After being handed the condom, Carrigg began to realize this might not be the best idea and said “I don’t really want to do this,” which is the reaction that most women have when you give them a bag of your urine.

She claimed she was getting rid of the device, but was unable to do so before she was caught with it.

Dale Evans’ punishment would have been severe to begin with, but racing authorities were angered by his failure to be honest with them.

Michael Halliday, the adjudicating steward, said to Evans, “Your lack of co-operation was a deliberate attempt to frustrate stewards and nullify their duties in drug-testing. I do not accept it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to manufacture the instrument. I want like-minded people such as yourself to know that in racing this conduct will not be tolerated and therefore I impose a disqualification of 18 months.”

As for Donna Carrigg, she had previously received a year ban for her role in the cheating attempt, as well as for testing positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine when officials got her real urine from her. Carrigg blamed the positive test on spiked drinks she’d had the night before. That’s what you get for going to Methy’s Bar & Grill.

Next time just give the drugs to the horses like normal cheaters. They’re the ones doing all the running anyway.

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