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Sportscenter’s Chris McKendry Can’t Stop Laughing While Talking About Corie Blount: Video

Corie Blount was sentenced to a year in jail after 11 pounds of weed was intercepted on the way to his grandmother’s house, which he owns, with another 18 pounds nearby.

During this morning’s Sportscenter, Chris McKendry struggled to make her way through the story, stopping several times to giggle. Sure, it’s a funny story, but perhaps some of that 29 pounds found its way to ESPN.

The line that McKendry found to be most funny was the most quotable part of the story. During the sentencing, the judge said to Blount, “Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much,” refuting his claim that the marijuana was for personal use.

While McKendry’s laughter is entertaining, it is by no means the first time a Sportscenter anchor has cracked up on air. As seen below, Charlie Steiner did it all the time, and with a great laugh to boot.

Video of the Day: Chris Mckendry Needs a bag of Doritos [Keith’s Sports Journal]

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