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Howard Stern’s Baba Booey’s Terrible First Pitch At Mets Game: Video

This ceremonial first pitch by Gary Dell’Abate aka Baba Booey, the executive producer of the Howard Stern Show, is one of the worst in history.

Baba Booey’s throw was perfectly on target… if he had been aiming at the umpire. The throw was never a threat to be caught by the catcher, and quite frankly, he was lucky that it didn’t end up in the stands.

Were it not for the Mayor of Cincinnati’s horrible first pitch a few years ago, Baba Booey would be right there at the top of the list of bad ceremonial pitches. Still, #2 is something he can be proud of. But not only is he responsible for only the 2nd worst first pitch ever, he’s also only the 2nd worst pitcher to take the mound at Citi Field this year (after Oliver Perez).Baba-Booey’s First Pitch Video! [NY Sports Dog]

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