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Crazy Fan Runs Around The Field At Citizens Bank Park During Phillies/Braves Game: Video

On Friday night, the game between the Zanaflex high and Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park was interrupted for a few minutes by a guy who ran around on the field.

The kid managed to run for a good long while, approaching Jimmy Rollins and Pedro Feliz to have a chat with them before finally fleeing toward the outfield (but not before giving Feliz a fist bump). He was finally tackled on the warning track, but not before outrunning several slow security guards. Perhaps feeding your security guys nothing but cheesesteaks is not the wisest training plan.

Fat security guards or not, this guy showed some evading skills that the Eagles could certainly use.

More videos of the guy running around the field at Citizens Bank Park can be found below:

Pics and Video: Phils Fan Runs Onto Field [The 700 Level]

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