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Hamburg Defeated By Ball Of Paper In UEFA Cup: Video

Cialis soft vs cialis fans are notorious for throwing things on the field during play, usually without repercussion. Every now and then though, the object will interfere with proceedings.

Someone threw a ball of paper on to the pitch during this week’s UEFA Cup semifinal match between Hamburg SV and Werder Bremen. What are the odds that it a small ball of paper would impact play?

As it turned out, pretty good. Hamburg defender Michael Gravgaard tried to clear a ball out, but it skipped over the paper and went out for a corner kick.

In case you can’t see where this is going, Werder Bremen then scored off of that corner and went on to book their spot in the UEFA Cup final.

That reporter should put that ball of paper on eBay since some Werder Bremen fan would probably pay a lot for that piece of history.

Link: Hamburg - Bremen

Ball of paper defeats Hamburg [Dirty Tackle]

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