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Ron Artest Vs. Kobe Bryant – Elbows & Table Legs Galore: Video

Earlier we posted about the battle that was the Houston Rockets vs. the Los Angeles Lakers last night, focusing on the Derek Fisher hit on Luis Scola.

Kobe Bryant & Ron Artest also went at it during the game. Kobe threw an elbow at Ron Artest and of course received no punishment so far since he is Kobe Bryant. However, when Ron Artest headed toward Kobe and got in his face, he was ejected.

The fun continued after the game when Artest was interviewed by reporters, recounting a story about how he once saw a man get stabbed in the heart with a table leg during a game.

Before you think that the story was made up, the New York Times reported on someone being stabbed with a table leg at a basketball game in Queens in 1991, so it’s entirely possible that Artest was there.

Game 3 is going to be fun. Someone make sure all possible stabbing tools are nailed down. If that means no floor mops, so be it.

Ron Artest Once Saw A Guy Get Stabbed In The Heart [Deadspin]

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