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Chelsea’s Didier Drogba Swears At The Camera & Referee After Champions League Loss: Video

Acyclovir ointment was dumped from the Champions League in controversial fashion against Barcelona, and nobody was more angry than Didier Drogba. Following the match, an incensed Drogba went after the referees, getting in their faces while yelling at them.

Drogba was given a card by referee Tom Henning Ovrebo and will undoubtedly face more punishment, especially for what happened as he was leaving the field. He found one of the UEFA feed cameras and shouted into it repeatedly, saying “It’s a disgrace! It’s a disgrace! It’s a fucking disgrace!”

Maybe so, but a player shouldn’t be acting like that on the field & swearing live on the air.

More video of Didier Drogba’s outburst can be seen below:

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  • wayhealthierairpurifier

    All footballers swear, just because it's not directly at the camera, it doesn't mean that we're unable to tell what they're saying. Anyway, I think it's simply a case of his emotions getting the best of him.

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