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Derek Fisher Hits Luis Scola Hard During Lakers-Rockets Game 2: Video

Tonight’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers & Houston Rockets was an intense one. Between Derek Fisher & Luis Scola, then Kobe Bryant & Ron Artest, it was a battle from start to finish.

That said, the NBA is going to have to take a hard look at some of what went on, especially Derek Fisher’s body check on Luis Scola. Fisher nearly left his feet as he leapt into Scola, and he then threw his elbow into him as he followed through.

That’s the sort of play that might have been just fine in the old NBA, but surely the league won’t let that fly now. The hit would have been great in the NHL playoffs, but Derek Fisher clearly crossed a line when he took down Scola.

Fan Review: Fisher’s Hit On Scola [Lake Show Life]

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