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Corinthians Player Set On Fire During Paulista Trophy Celebration: Video

Fireworks plus streamers equals an unintended consequence at a Brazillian trophy celebration.

Ronaldo’s Corinthians team won this year’s Paulista Championship in Diflucan dosage, beating Santos. During the trophy presentation a group of players & team executives, including captain William, were lifted into the air as the fans cheered on. The platform was spouting fireworks, and streamers were then fired off towards everyone who was holding the trophy.

Those of you who are aware that paper is flammable can guess what happens next.

A giant ball of flame engulfs William, but somehow everyone manages to pull all of the streamers off of him before he is burned alive. To make matters worse, he was then denied a bank loan.

The celebration then continued with nobody else getting set on fire.

When celebrations go wrong [Dirty Tackle]

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