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Hockey Player Hits Goalie Over The Head With His Stick After Goal: Video

It’s a wonder that more athletes don’t flip out on goalies. When things go well, they get a lot of credit, but when things aren’t going so well, the goalie is also the first to be blamed, especially if he gives up easy goals.

During a game between the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships 2009 in Switzerland, Slovakia was getting beaten badly by the Czechs (8-0 was the final score).

After goalie Jaroslav Halak gave up the 8th goal, teammate Tomas Surovy decided he’d had enough and slashed him on the back of his head. Surovy then hit his stick on the crossbar for good measure after he hit Halak.

With teammates like Tomas Surovy, who needs opponents?

Goalie Jaroslav Halak Takes Slash to The Head From Teammate [Total Pro Sports]

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