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Daily Rubbish: May 4, 2009

Video of the Day: Community Preview, Starring Joel McHale & Chevy Chase

Today’s Links:

Salamo Arouch, Who Boxed for His Life in Auschwitz, Is Dead at 86 [New York Times]

How David Beats Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell [The New Yorker]

Natalie Gulbis Putts, Drew Carey = Putz [Steady Burn]

Austrian Overnight canadian valtrex Players Will Question Your Sexuality In Perfect English [Deadspin]

Adult Swim Hates The Pittsburgh Pirates [PSAMP]

John Danks, Digging for Gold [The Big Lead]

The 10 Most Intense Photos From The World Table Clomid Championships [Best Week Ever]

Another 7 NBA Logos You’ll Likely Never See [Blaze of Love]

The Straw That Stirs The Rays Drink [Josh Q. Public]

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