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Shane Battier Gets Bloodied By Sasha Vujacic: Video

The Houston Rockets left the Los Angeles Lakers battered tonight, surprising them 100-92 to take a 1-0 lead in their NBA playoff series.

But the win was not with out a physical toll for the Rockets. Yao Ming suffered a knee injury (but returned), while Shane Battier was the recipient of a stray Sasha Vujacic arm to the face.

Vujacic’s volleyball spike on Battier left him with blood streaming down his face out of a cut near his left eye. It was reminiscent of Steve Nash’s bloody gash during the playoffs against the Spurs a few years back.

Battier left the game to be attended to by trainers, who gave him 4 stitches.

Judging by this first game, this is going to be a long, physical series. Let’s see who David Stern wants to win!

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