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New Orleans Saints Biren Ealy & Kolomona Kapanui Arrested For Public Urination

saints-arrested-public-urinationBiren Ealy & Kolomona Kapanui of the New Orleans Saints were arrested early Sunday morning on charges of obscenity and disturbing the peace. By disturbing the peace, we of course mean publicly urinating.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, the two men were urinating in the parking lot of an apartment complex when 2 women approached them and demanded that they stop. Once they had started, what were they supposed to do?

Police spokesman John Fortunato said Ealy turned to the women, exposing himself in the process, and began making lewd comments, Kapanui, also turned around and exposed himself. According to the women, he was “fondling himself” while making lewd comments as well.

Given that the NFL Draft was just last weekend, Biren Ealy & Kolomona Kapanui might not have chosen the best time to get arrested. Presumably, the Saints drafted some players who did not get put in jail for public urination.

Two Saints players arrested for urinating in public, obscenity charges [WWLTV]

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